Resilience – Business continuity

We are receiving a number of requests for a service that provides Resilience / Business continuity plans. This is being driven by insurance companies that wish to see that businesses they insure have a plan to continue trading should they receive some sort of business interruption, such as (but not limited to) loss of utilities, interruption by protesters, (at offices and plants) floods etc

Should you require this service please let us know and we can provide a tailored plan for you. This service is available in the UK or abroad and can include security should this be necessary

As ever, a brilliant service at reasonable and fair costs

We look forward to hearing from you

Have a safe month. Ian and the team

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Why Training Records are Vital

Each time an employee completes any training ensure the training is recorded, a class signature sheet, should be kept on file with an individual signed form going in to each trainee’s P file, include a record of the training conducted and the syllabus of the course, even if this is a Toolbox Talk. This is to provide the evidence necessary to prove the training was carried out and what was taught in the training session

If you can provide this sort of evidence,should you be challenged by an inspector your are on the way to passing the test of reasonableness

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Gates, roller shutters, doors

All gates, especially power operated gates, roller shutters and doors must be the subject of regular checks.

The recent death of a child, killed by an electric gate have thrown these devices back into the limelight.  As with all equipment these items should be uniquely identified and regularly checked by a competent person

Don’t forget to keep a record of what has been done, by whom and when

Have a safe quarter, Ian  and the team

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Ensure your racking is safe

Storage racking may seem like a simple system in your workplace but it must be properly installed, correctly fixed and adequately maintained, generally this means each rack being identified with a unique number and receiving an annual inspection by a competent person.

Don’t get caught out, if in doubt give us a shout.  Ian and the team

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Blue Tape

The HSE describes blue tape as rules imposed business to business and not due to legislation, such as SSIP schemes etc.  The HSE has found that many of these additional rules are completely pointless leading to excessive record keeping and not adding to safety.  The HSE thinks that blue tape is giving health and safety a bad name

Be careful, the HSE is saying the above but we feel at GD that it is being disingenuous, as in reality if you get a visit from one of its inspectors they will go through your procedures with a fine toothcomb to try and pick your procedures up on something to justify an FFI charge.  So its like walking on a tightrope trying to do enough but not too much


As ever if in doubt give us a shout.  Have a safe September.  Ian and the team

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HSE to target Principal Designers

The HSE’s business plan for 2019/2020 sets out a clear agenda to investigate Principal Designers. Since the introduction of the Principal Designer stakeholder under the CDM Regs 2015 there have been few successful prosecutions of Principal Designers, however the scrutiny of Principal Designers and their compliance with their duties is about to get a lot closer.

The HSE business plan sets out the key objectives for 2019/2020 as follows:

 lead and engage with others to improve workplace health and safety;

 provide an effective regulatory framework;

 secure effective management and control of risk;

 reduce the likelihood of low-frequency, highimpact catastrophic incidents;

 enable improvement through efficient and effective delivery

So please ensure that your relationship with the PD is appropriate for any projects in hand


As ever if in doubt please let us know


Have a safe quarter, Ian and the team

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GATEX passenger fatality

The ORR are writing to all Minor Railways regarding the tragic death of a passenger on the GATEX service who had his head out of the window

It seems the reporting of this incident in relation to the prosecution of the operating company has been slightly incorrect

GD Rail’s MD has had a meeting with the ORR Principal Inspector responsible for Minor Railways and has clarified one or two points, GD Rail will be updating its customers “GATEX Issues” risk assessments during the routine reviews of the SMS

Anyone we think has particular issues has been spoken to


Have a safe one.  Ian and the team

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The HSE has a campaign in full swing regarding the generation and protection from dust.  This means that in nearly all cases the sweeping up of arising’s that causes dust is forbidden

Additionally if RPE is specified to be worn for the task the user must be face fitted, to ensure the mask fits them correctly

All power cutting equipment must now be fitted with an extraction system of some sort to collect dust and chips at source

As ever, if in doubt give us a shout


have a safe period, Ian and the team

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Safety fines up 450%

A report highlighting the outcomes of safety prosecutions has shown that fines have increased dramatically since the introduction in Feb 2016 of the new sentencing guidelines

In the ten months prior to Feb. 2016 the average fine was £40,500.00(GBP) in the ten months following Feb 2016 fines had risen by nearly 450% to an average £221,700 (GBP)

This does not include the drive to recover Fees For Intervention monies that HSE inspectors now seem to be engaged upon


Our customers have little to worry about but SHEF matters should stay top of your agenda


Have a safe period.  Ian and the team

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