Is your equipment in ticket?

It is important that all the equipment you own and use at work is registered and entered on an asset register so that you know that:

 You have it

What it is and when it will need to inspected and serviced

It is fit for use and has been sentenced as such 

That the staff that will use it know how to use it and how to carry out a pre- use check


if in doubt please give us a shout.


have a safe period.  Ian and the team

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Agency Workers and PPE

You employ agency staff and are wondering who has to provide the PPE they will require to carry out the work you wish them to do.

The legal position is that the agency must take reasonable steps to identify the hazards to which the worker they supply will be exposed to and the mitigation, following on from this the PPE required for the task. They must then supply that PPE.

The agency may make arrangements with the host employer (you) to provide the training and PPE required for the task.

You cannot have the situation where agency staff are not treated the same as your regular staff and are not given the same level of training instruction and PPE.

Our advice to host employers is you provide the training instruction and PPE required for the task then you know its right.

As for the cost, this is a contractual issue between the agency and the host employer, get this sorted before the worker is employed.

As ever if in doubt give us a shout

Have a safe rest of the month. Ian and the team

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Delayed Absences

An employee has had an accident at work a few weeks ago and at the time did not take much time off work

He now needs an operation which is the result of the accident and will be off for two weeks, do we need to report?

Yes, if an injury incapacitates a worker for more than seven consecutive days it becomes reportable under RIDDOR, even if there was a gap between the accident which caused the incapacitation and the time lost

Have a safe month, Ian and the team

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Electrical Fires

We have recently had a report from a customer regarding an electrical fire.

Jimmy is currently investigating however:

From his initial investigations we provide the following guidance:

Avoid the use of multi plugs and extension leads where possible

Do not plug extension leads into extension leads

Provide a permanent solution if the need is going to extend to a period over a month

Check the ratings, is the lead big enough to cope with the demand of the item(s) it is plugged in to

Do not position leads and the drum on roll out types below combustible material

DO NOT leave extension leads plugged in when unattended or overnight


Have a safe month.  Ian and the team


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GD Rail – New courses

GD Rail have announced two new courses:

POINTS OPERATOR: Including Ground Frames, clipping and scotching and route planning and setting

COMMUNICATIONS: A further course to develop the basic module taught in the Passport course

Should you wish a course to be run for you please let us know.

All the best. Ian and the team

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all from us at Green Dragon and GD Rail we hope it is safe and profitable.

 We will be updating section one of all SMS documents starting this January and as your SMS is renewed section one will be updated.


All the best.  Ian and the team


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Working with Epelepsy

If you have an employee who has or becomes diagnosed with epilepsy what do you need to do:

Inform first aiders and other relevant staff members of the employee’s condition

Sufferers may continue to work as 70% of sufferers are fine when on their medication and the ailment is under control

Persons suffering with epilepsy are almost always regarded as disabled defined by the equality act 2010

A risk assessment should be undertaken with the person concerned and based upon the results and reasonable adjustments may be made

As ever if in doubt give us a shout

Ian and the team


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Lifting people

An elderly resident was left with injuries that may have hastened her death after she slipped from a lifting hoist, what should have been done to prevent this?

Ensure you have a manual handling policy that includes the use of hoists and appliances 

Ensure your risk assessment for any activity involving the elderly take into account any special needs of the person being lifted  

Ensure your staff are trained in the equipment and the lifting procedure

Ensure all lifting equipment and tackle is thoroughly examined at the correct time and checked before use by the users

Ensure the tackle being used is the correct type for the job in hand and once fitted is tightened correctly to support the person being lifted 

Please note, single use slings must not be re used



Have a safe month.  Ian and the team




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