Helpline Response

Date 02/03/2020

Our Advisor: Amber

Based on the Information we have to date we respond as follows:
The new virus named Covid-19 commonly known as Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. For many of those contracting it, the symptoms are just like the common cold. Others may develop pneumonia or have severe breathing difficulties and require hospitalisation. The elderly and those with existing medical conditions are at greater risk, just as they would be for any type of flu virus
What should you do?
Employers have few legal responsibilities for infectious diseases circulating amongst the population, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking sensible precautions. There are obvious benefits from not having your work force struck down with flu, so it won’t hurt to break out the sanitising gel and encourage good hygiene practises
Simple actions include:

  • Provide sanitiser hand gel at or close to your entrance with a sign encouraging use
  • Display “Catch it, kill it, bin it” posters
  • Check that your cleaners are regularly wiping down handrails, hot desks (including key boards) and door furniture using a sanitiser
  • Insist that people sneeze and or cough into a handkerchief or sleeve

Should people develop flu like symptoms and have recently been abroad, they should be encouraged to ring the NHS 111 number and seek advice

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