Update and Campaign January 2020


Changes and updates: Legislation – Nil

There are rumours going about that upon our departure from the EU all European rules will be ripped up and we will have no rules to follow. This is incorrect as parliament is to shortly publish a bill that will transfer all the legislation sent to us as directives from the EU into UK law. This will include all SHEF legislation, so we will continue to be regulated as we are now. How parliament will enact legislation in the future remains to be seen as we have not made our own laws for a long time, having them sent to us to enact from Brussels. As ever we will keep a check on developments and ensure our customers are in front of the curve

This month’s poster – Evidence of competence and competencies:
Our campaign poster this quarter reminds us of the need to agree the work contractors will undertake when on our sites and the need to supervise them as they work to ensure they stick to the work methods they have advised us they will conduct. Supervision of contractors and others always starts with scrutiny of the Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) submitted for any work to be undertaken. Whilst close supervision is not required (generally) it is wise to check now and again to ensure work is being carried on as you thought it would be. This brings me nicely on to:

Staff competencies:

You may think you employ properly competent staff who are capable of conducting the work you allocate them in a safe and satisfactory manner and you may employ staff of this calibre, however how do you prove it? Older staff who may have been trained in a formerly traditional manner where they only progressed to the next phase of training when their tradesmen training them deemed them good enough to progress, that is all fine but they may not have any certificates to prove the training was conducted. We suggest that this year you review all your staff competencies and where paper evidence is missing, complete your own account of their past training and experience, commit this to paper and if the account the individuals supply is good enough, you may deem them a Suitably Competent and Experienced Person (SQEP) keep any records of interviews and your reasons for deeming persons competent on their P File just in case you are asked for reasons in the future. We will be speaking to all our customers regarding this during our visits this year, along with the need for an up to date training matrix


We haven’t had any snow as I write this but our advice is the same this year as it has always been, yes you may grit your paths, pavements, car parks, platforms, ramps, steps and companionways
The HSE are out and about during February and are targeting: Welding fumes control, COSHH especially suds, inventories and storage of COSHH placarded items
The use of hands-free mobile phones has not been “banned” there is some discussion around this and we will keep you posted on developments
Local Authority Inspectors: have published their priorities for 2020 (LAC67/2) and these are. Play inflatables, Dispense gasses (sic), Animal visitor attractions, Gas installations in commercial catering premises (this will include canteens and kitchens in care homes etc), Control of construction work, The provision of rest and toilet facilities for visiting delivery drivers, The risk to the public from high volume waste bins and skips, (we think this is regarding rough sleepers entering this type of bin for shelter and finding themselves loaded onto the bin wagon)
On the secondary scope for the LAs are events that need crowd control, however we have noticed that the events we are involved with, the LA SAG (local Authority Safety Advisory Group) has all but disappeared due to the councils not having the staff to organise them
Due to the shortage of LA inspectors you are unlikely to have a visit from them unless you are a catering outlet, have an animal petting business or have a complaint made against you but best be safe in all circumstances

On the horizon:

Nothing to report currently but we will keep you posted
REMEMBER: Don’t worry. Most of you are carrying on business in a reasonable manner and have little to concern you.

As ever, if in doubt – give us a shout. Have a safe quarter.

Ian & the team

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