Good Afternoon,

We didn’t think our first blog post would be about hand washing, but here we are!

Amidst people returning to work and restrictions being somewhat “relaxed” we have put together a small hygiene reminder:

  • Wash your hands when you enter your building (if possible)
  • Wash your hands before consuming food
  • Wash your hands once you return home.
  • Make sure the water is hot and you are washing for 20 or more seconds!
  • Should you cough or sneeze, your mouth and nose should be covered ( via a tissue to be disposed of immediately after or the crook of your elbow) and hands washed immediately after (if possible)

If hand washing is not available, hand sanitiser gel can be substituted however hands should be washed with hot water and soap as soon as possible.

Finally, ensure that hands are dried thoroughly using a disposable towel. Germs and bacteria are more easily spread if hands are still wet or even damp.

Further to the above, please see below for our induction card suggestion that we are recommending be used as a Tool Box Talk for staff and any visitors. 

Along with this, we also have signature sheets so that you may record the people that this is provided to and the topics covered as currently there is no specific Risk Assessment for COVID19 as of yet. 

We hope this is helpful and should you like a signature sheet, just shout! 

As always, we are on hand if you have any questions.

We hope everyone is staying safe and alert!

– The GD team.

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