Hello, hello!

Nothing much has changed since our last blog post in June.. we are all still muddling through, returning to work, wearing our masks and staying as socially distanced as possible!

There are a few anxieties in returning to work and this is completely normal however we are here and are more than happy to provide any guidance and advice you might require.

Our Green Dragon staff have advised continuously throughout the pandemic and continue to do so with assistance on placement of working equipment, employee returns, provided back to work packs and have been on hand as and when with all and any queries (covid or no covid related!)

This is the new “norm” for the foreseeable and we are here for it!

How are you feeling about being back at work?

If you aren’t back at work, how are you feeling?

We would love to know your thoughts.

We hope to see you all soon (in a safe, 6 monthly check kind of way) and as always… if any questions, please get in touch!

-The GD Team 🙂

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