Good Morning and happy Fri-yay!

How are we all feeling about the local lock-down in the North East?

As you may know we are based in the North East, but we do travel all over the country, meaning we have to be extra vigilant and secure when travelling and meeting people during these times.

We have released back to work packs, coronavirus risk assessments, posters and countless advice through our helpline (which we love and worship!!) however, throughout the pandemic and especially as the local lockdown is upon us, self-regulation is crucial in surviving the second coming.

By this, we mean although our businesses are already at explementary  standard, we do need to be following all industry guidelines with 100% dedication.

As he HSE have advised, if an outbreak is blamed on a business then there is the potential for enormous reputational damage! Pubs and restaurants have learnt the hard way!

This creates a domino effect of worries and problems should this happen, which is why we are on hand 8am-6pm Monday to Friday… (you might even catch us on a Saturday!) for any advice or support you might need.

No question is too big, or too small 😊

We hope everyone is staying safe and secure!

– The GD team! 

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