A few of our GD North East team, who have worked non-stop throughout the pandemic with ensuring our businesses have all of the tools, information and up to date requirements to continue operating COVID securely.

GD stands for… Good Team? Just kidding.

Ian (pictured far right) not only prides himself on the development and growth of staff skills, but his own skills too! He is constantly learning and looking for new ways to develop his already extensive knowledge and the pandemic crisis has been no different.

We have staff (not pictured) with over 20+ years of industry experience, all the way down to trainees.

No two days at GD are ever the same and it’s the teamwork at GD that keeps us sane, laughing (sometimes crying) and soldering on in these tough times!

Notice the corporate masks.. who wants one? I do! 

We would love to hear what your team has been up to, to keep morale flowing these past months.. For us at GD, it’s usually tea and biscuits.. many, many, biscuits…  

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