Fire Risk Assessments

It is a legal requirement that all premises must have an annual fire risk assessment. The assessment must be carried out by a competent person. Our consultants can carry out a comprehensive fire risk assessment to ensure you stay compliant with the law.

Fire Safety

Fire is one of the most serious hazards present within the workplace.

Its potential effects in terms of loss of life and damage to property, equipment etc is enormous.

It is therefore essential that the risks presented by fire hazards are properly controlled.

Responsible persons, (which in workplaces is the employer and others with control over the premises) must carry out fire risk assessments and take steps to ensure that any fire risks are properly managed. This applies to both the risk of fires occurring and the risks in the event of a fire.

The risk assessment must consider the risks to all ‘relevant persons’. The term ‘relevant persons’ includes not only employees, but also other people (lawfully) on the premises, and those nearby.
Measures used to control fire risk can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Measures used to prevent fires occurring and to prevent them spreading;
  • Measures used for giving warning of a fire;Measures used for fighting fires; Measures used to enable people to escape from the premises;Fire emergency procedures and fire training

All of these five measures will be required to some degree. For some premises, basic fire safety measures may suffice, in others (for example, where large numbers of people and/or serious fire hazards are present, and whenever the fire risk is high) the controls will need to be more extensive.

Fire Safety Management

Create a fire safety plan that ensures a high standard is maintained.

Fire Awareness Training

Learn about the risks of fire and how they can be prevented.

Competent Person Service

A competent person is required by law and therefore cannot be installed as an afterthought. Competence is an important part of a safe business strategy, and we can help you to achieve the right environment for your business.